The 2019 Appraisal Notices of value have been released in the mail. We are here to help you better understand how to read and understand how we arrived to our values. We encourage you to contact us or come by and see us if you have any questions regarding your value. Please be aware that the Protest Deadline is now May 15,2019. If you DID NOT receive a notice by mail you are still eligible to file a protest. You can find a protest form available here. If you did receive a notice by mail you will have the option to file an online protest here or print, file and return the protest form to our office by MAY 15,2019.


What should I bring with me in order to discuss my property?  Listed below are a few things that will make the process run smoothly if you are experiencing issues with your property:

  • Photos (time stamped)
  • Documentation regarding values (quotes, cost of repairs, receipts, appraisals)
  • Evidence of Reasoning why your property values need attention.

Again our staff and office are equipped with the resources to better serve you so please don't hesitate to come by or contact us!

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Questions regarding this article? Feel free to ask us.

Please note that by filling information on this form is NOT a form of filing a Protest.

If you received a notice by mail and are wanting to file a formal protest you can protest online here. If you did not receive an Appraisal Notice by mail and still want to file a protest you can download the Protest Form here. You can email your protest to

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